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The SynchroSonic US/752 combination unit offers the benefits of therapeutic ultrasound and high voltage muscle stimulation. The newly designed dual channel high voltage section provides four pad output, two intensity controls and bi-polar application. The SynchroSonic US/752 also features the new Cable Fault Alarm system. The new Cable Fault Alarm system detects improper transducer connection and/or cable damage providing a safety shutdown feature.

SynchroSonic US/752 Features:


  • Lightweight ergonomically designed transducer 
  • Transducer protection switch 
  • 0 to 20 watt output / 30 minute timer 
  • Optional "QuickConnect" transducer cable 
  • Optional small transducer with QuickConnect cable 
  • Variable interrupt output mode 
  • Cable fault alarm system


  • Dual channel output / 4 pad capability 
  • Dual intensity controls / Polarity control 
  • Bi-polar application (no dispersive pad) 
  • Adjustable frequency range and pulse width 
  • Reciprocal and ramped surge mode 
  • Patient interrupt switch 
  • Adjustable on and off surge duration 
  • Intensity reset circuit 
  • 0-30 minute timer 
  • Combination therapy capability

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