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Both the 4 channel and 2 channel Intelect Legend Stimulators feature 

* Interferential, Premodulated, Russian and High Volt waveforms 

* Clear LCD display 

* Membrane overlays for easy selection of stimulator controls 

* Ability to store start-up parameters 

* Lightweight for use in clinic or on-the-go 

Maximum portability and simple operation, with many of the features of our larger clinical stimulators, yet a compact size. 



• Clear LCD Display - You'll get clear, crisp LCD Control of our 1-2 GO software 

• LCD control simplifies the display of treatment parameters and the navigation of optional settings 

• Easy as 1-2-Go – In two steps, you are ready to start therapy 

• Multi-Waveform Capability – Interferential, Premodulated, Russion, and High Volt 

• Four-Channel Stimulation – Featuring four-channel electrotherapy, the Legend Stim provide simultaneous treatment to increase patient flow 

• Tactile Touch Control – Digital electronics and user interface design gives you simple tactile touch control of all system parameters 

• Ergonomic Design and Function – The innovation of advanced tooling and injection mold technology yield a sleek and ergonomic case and interface that antiquates the traditional knob and metal box design. The user interface design also provides greater ease-of-use, with a simple 1-2-Go format 

• Programmable Start-Up Presets – All power-up presets can be individually customized to meet the clinician’s needs


Note : This is a special order item. It will take about 2-3 weeks to arrive.

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