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[Product Descriptions]

Helps doctors to visualize and measure spinal and skeletal abnormalities. Pivoting foot piece allows doctors to examine the patient from posterior, lateral, and medial views. 75 1/2"H x 22.875"W x 21 1/2"D (191 x 58 x 55cm). Weighs 30 lbs (13.6kg). Latex free. 

* The Advanced Features of the Spine Analyzer:

  • Spine Analyzer Helps the Doctor of Chiroproactic visualize and measure the distortion of the spine and skeletal structure.
  • Spine Analyzer Uprights and cross bars act as a frame that enhances and brings the picture of the patient into focus.
  • Spine Analyzer is precision calibrated for easy record keeping of patient response and improvement.
  • Spine Analyzer helps to analyze the efficiency of techniques being used, thereby acting as a guide to the proper care of a patient. 
  • Patients can be analyzed from a posterior view, lateral views or face-on view. 
  • Spine Analyzer has a moveable vertical and horizontal guidelines or strings can easily be set in accordance with the markings designated on the patients body offering a three dimensional perspective of the patient's body.
  • The extent of deficiencies can be analyzed and a test given to indicate any improvement from the use of heel lifts or an orthopedic appliance. 
  • Black powder coated steel frame construction. 
  •  A permanant plumbline along with the frame give basic guidelines from which to measure the abnormal as compared with a normal standing position. 
  • Portable for easy and quick setup anywhere.