Type: TDP & Infrared Heat Lamp


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[Product Descriptions] 

A body chill causes a lot of health problems because it hinders the blood circulation and leads to lumbago.MPS Rainbow is a rainbow-shaped innovative thermotherapeutic device using the Daiujin? far-infrared emitter which radiates the great deal of far-infrared rays. That is, its uniquely treated surface increases the temperature up to 90°C and maximizes the efficacy of radiation on the 160 ° arched emitting surface. In this manner, the far-infrared rays penetrate 10 times wider region. This surface emitting system (patented) is a health-oriented thermotherapeutic device which warms up deep in the body in a short time as it radiates the far-infrared rays effectively. 


[As a Pure Far-infrared Rays Emitter] 

MPS Rainbow uses the pure far-infrared emitter developed and world-patented by the Dairin Japan, a Japanese leading company. This far-infrared emitter uses the unique fabric created in the vacuous air at the thousands Celsius degrees to make it easy to obtain the most beneficial absorbing rays in the range of 4 to 16 microns which is the most similar to the human body wavelength ranges. 


[Product Details] 

Its arch-shaped design maximizes the best suited caloric exposition to the body.* Easy to carry thanks to its light body* Warming up with far-infrared rays about 1 minute after turning it on* Energy saving* Convenient automatic temperature selection and on-off timer 


[Product Benefits] 

Heats up the body gently without heating up the air - generates hundreds times of far-infrared rays comparing to wire, lamp or stick heating systems at the same temperature* Heats up the object equally * Warms the body from deep in the skin* Uses the radiant heating to warm the body delightfully* Energy efficient (reaches up to 70°C within 2-3 minutes)* Effeciently heats hydra high molecules* Highly durable, safe and chemical-proof* Its antibiosis deodorizes 



1. Lower Back Pain 

2. Far-infrared rays gently heat the contours of your lower back and eliminate pain. 

3. Sore Shoulders 

4. Pure far-infrared rays generate waves of warmth along the shoulders.Improves circulation and relaxes the muscles.

5. Menstrual Cramps 

6. Warming the belly with far-infrared heat reduces pain while improving blood circulation. 

7. Stomachache 

8. When you have a stomachache, feel the comforting effects of the far-infrared bath. Especially effective for children. 

[Various Uses] 

Those with Paralysis(specifically, aged persons who are in difficulty in moving or walking)* Students preparing an exam or working people who suffer from lack of exercise* Homemakers who are harassed with heavy housework* A weakling who is getting sick frequently* Keeping a baby warm : It is safe enough for babies since there is no fume, chemical or fire. 

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