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Electron ignition! Strong wind-resistant burner. 

Disposable lighter becomes a wind-resistant burner. 

The Pocket Torch uses disposable lighter fuel.Light the Pocket Torch with a disposable lighter and produce a flame that reaches temperatures up to 1300°C (approx. 2,300 °F). 

The Pocket Torch becomes a powerful, wind-resistant burner. 

A disposable lighter increases it lifespan by 60% when used with the Pocket Torch. 



110 x 60 x 23 mm (4.3 x 2.4 x 0.9 inch) 

Weight: 50g (1.8 oz.) without disposable lighter 

Burner Diameter: OD 14 mm (0.55 inch) ID 12 mm (0.47 inch) 

Flame temperature: 1300°C (Approx. 2,300 °F) 

Flame size: Diameter 3 x 12 mm (0.1 x 0.47 inch) 

Flame shape:Superfine centralized flame 

Burning time:Approx. 20 minutes (per disposable lighter) 

Fuel cartridge:Disposable lighter 



(for outdoor use) 

Igniting stoves, firewood 

Preheating of stove and lantern 

Sterilization, disinfection 

(For hobby use) 

Brazing and soldering small objects 

Assembling plastic models and technical projects 

Exfoliation of adhesive and paint 

(For home use) 

Igniting fireworks and incense 

Cutting ropes 

Melting small amounts of ice 

Made in Japan

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