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Type: Treatment Room


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[Product Descriptions]

TIDI Non-Sterile Cotton Balls
This is high-quality Tidi Non-Sterile Cotton Balls. 
They are made of pure, natural 100% cotton and was carefully manufactured for maximum brightness and absorbency. 
Machine-processed cotton balls assure uniform shape and size.
Size : Medium, Large

[Size Options]

Medium 2000 X 2= 4000
Large 1000 X 2 = 2000

[무살균 약솜]
순수 100% 솜을 사용하여 제작된 무살균 약솜입니다. 뛰어난 흡수력을 지니고 있으며 기계를 통한 제조 과정으로 균일한 모양과 크기를 지니고 있습닙다.

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