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1) Benefits of Doctor Life Blood & Lymphatic Circulation Therapy System:
- Helps Relieve Knee Problems, Legs and Feet Swelling, Water Retention, Cramps and Soreness.
- Improves Blood Circulation and Promotes Proper Function of the Lymphatic System. 
- Nourishes Cells and Flushes Waste and Toxins Naturally by Help Circulating Blood.
- Releases Nerve Compression and Tension. Helps Relieve Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and its Symptoms.
- Helps Reduce Venous Insufficiency and Varicose Veins.
- Helps Releases Endorphins and Amino Acids that Works as Natural Painkiller.
- Perfect After a Workout or Training for Athletes Sports Recovery; Gym, Ironman, Triathlon, Cycling, Biking, Dancing, Marathon, Climbing, Yoga and All Sports. Fast Recovery for All Athletes.
- No Side effects.
2) User's Manual:
- For the best result, use the device with relaxed position. The pressure around 20 to 80 mmHg for 15 minutes is proper, but the pressure intensity and time should be controlled by user's state and doctor's indications. 
  For daily care, we recommend using it for 10 to 30 minutes per use. However, frequency of usage has no limitation. More often is better results.
- We recommend everyone using the device for the first time to apply the device with the lowest pressure for 5 minutes for their safety. Users can increase the pressure intensity gradually, according to a patient's state and a doctor's advice.
- We recommend to use just one arm sleeve (sold separately) to prevent a worst case of a heart attack because the arm is close to the heart and a user can not use two arm sleeves at the same time. 
  It's good to use two arm sleeves under doctor's indication and a protector to the near a user.
- DOCTOR LIFE system is similar to pulse speed, so breathe deeply and consistently matching the rhythm of deflation and inflation of each chamber (abdominal breathing). 
  Breathe in deeply when air comes in each chamber and breathe out when air from each chamber comes out. This helps increase the effects of DOCTOR LIFE.
- For sports recovery, use DOCTOR LIFE  system before or after exercise. ENJOY!
3) Specification:
- Product Size : 4.3'(D) x 9.6'(W) x 7.9'(H) (Device Only) 
- Power Voltage : 220V - 240V / 60Hz (U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Most of America continent countries)
- Power Consumption : 40W
- Time Range : 0 - 30min max per use
- Pressure Range: 20 - 240mmHg ± 15mmHg
- Weight : 2.1kg / 4.6lb (Body Only)
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