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공진단 파우더(GONG JIN DAN POWDER) -휴한

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SKU: HUMAN공진단파우더-휴한
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공진단 파우더 120알 분량(380g)

Gong Jing Dan, also known as the Super Tonic Ball, is a combination of
very specific Chinese herbs which targets the improvement of energy and
strengthening of the mental and physical constitution.
It works by tonifying the body and bringing back balance between organs.

  • Treating low energy and chronic fatigue
  • Eliminating physical exhaustion
  • Treating hypotension (low blood pressure)
  • Increasing energy following any surgery
  • Regulating menstrual cycles (amenorrhea)
  • Eliminating physical exhaustion
  • Strengthening muscles and bones
  • Improving Qi (energy) and blood
  • Boosting up the immune system
  • Harmonizing internal organs
  • Preventing various diseases
  • BWarming up the body
  • Enhancing memory and concentration


GONG JIN DAN Powder Ingredient (공진단 파우더 성분) 380g:

  • Corni Fructus Powder (산수유 분말) 120g 32%(KOREA)

  • Angelica Powder 당귀(신) 분말 120g 32%(KOREA)

  • Deer Velvet 녹용(분골) 법제 120g 32%(NEW ZEALAND)

  • Agarwood Powder 침향 40g