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Require Acupuncture License Number For Buying Needles And Herbal Products.

Doctor Price : Special Call for Price (Phone Order Only T. 562-908-5000)

Retail Price : $2499.00

□ Height: 1,200mm
□ Width: 400mm
□ Weight: 19Kg
□ Power: AC110V / 60HZ 150W
□ Rotation: 66~4200RPM
□ Color: White

- Strong massage vibrator
- Stress reduction
- Muscle therapy
- Trigger point reduction
- Treatment of muscle spasm and others

TURBO SASO can be widely used in the office, clinic, school gym, training room or home.

[8 types of applicator head, which provide greater versatility]
-Pain reduction and muscle relax function: pain reduction and muscle relax effect is excellent due to its simple usage and strong therapy function.
-Fat resolution and beauty effect: you may feel fat resolution, reduction of edema, and beauty effect due to high speed rotation of 3000rpm and strong output.
-Increase of blood circulation and reduction of congestion: helps circulation of lymph and vein and stimulates blood circulation due to expansion of capillary tubes.
-Convulsions in muscle and relax stress: makes easy to supply nutrition into muscle and helps to remove wastes due to increase of blood circulation.

-Basic 8 various applicator: It can increase therapy effect by proper applicator according to therapy purpose or symptoms.

A-applicator with its ends of many pieces can be used to massage deep in muscles vibration massage to make muscles relax

B-massage effect to prevent contraction of waist muscles around vertebrae

C-it is used for muscle stimulation technic to the part to be massaged with fingers

D-wide hemisphere shape which is good to massage on abdomen part, a sole of the foot and the back of the hand.

E-curved shape which is proper to massage the neck, legs, arms, back and buttocks.
It is made of foamed sponge of low density therefore its surface is very soft. It is very effective to treat tired legs.

F-it is made of changable foam rubber for the reasons of hygiene. It is good to massage tender or sensitive parts of body.

G-applicator which is designed for deep massage in back and lumbar vertebrae
It is possible to massage deep in muscle with strong pressure.

H- Connecting an applicator and a vibration in the form of  "ㄱ"