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My Weigh 3 Beam Balances, a classic triple beam with a capacity of 2610 grams and readability of 0.1 grams. It comes complete with upgrade attachment weights. The My Weigh Triple Beam mechanical scale costs 35% less the the competition and the My Weigh balance comes complete with the upgraded attachment weights for free (Ohaus charges $36 extra for their 707-00 attachment weights) and My Weigh mechanical balances have a longer warranty. Yes the MyWeigh 3 beam is made in China but don't think for a minute the Ohaus is made in the USA since the Ohaus triple beam balance is made in outside the USA. For Home, School, Lapidary, or even weighing falcons, the My Weigh Triple Beam Balance is the best instrument for the job!
[How to use 3 Beam]

  • Attachment Mass Set standard, weighing capacity to 2610g
  • Hardened steel knife edges and self-aligning agate bearings
  • Many years of precision and reproducibility results
  • Magnetic Damping mechanism for quick results
  • Spring loaded zero adjust, easy to use, stays in set position
  • Durable cast metal base won't easily tip over with rod hole for demonstrations
  • Deep notched beams ensure correct poise position for accurate, consistent readings
  • Versatile enough to suit any application

Zeroing Knob: For exact zero you simply adjust the knurled knob located at the left end of the beam. school balance

Large pointer makes viewing the positioning of the zero indicator a breeze. balance beam scale

Notched and tiered beams
Front beam      10g x 0.1g
Center beam    500g x 100g
Rear beam       100g x 10g
triple beam

Magnetic Damping System
Quickly stabilize any oscillation of the balance after sliding the poise across the beam. Using the principles that a permanent magnet field will resist the motion of the nonmagnetic aluminum dampening vane that is attached to the beams the oscillating beams will come to rest quickly. Small magnets are positioned on both sides of the damper vane. What's it all mean to you - faster weighing results!