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SKU: ASP100-80
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Require acupuncture license number for buying needles.


[Product Descriptions]


For over 25 years, ASP ear needles have been used to enhance auriculotherapy treatments. These small, semi-permanent needles are shaped like a dart and are designed to stay in auricular points longer for greater stimulation. Each ASP has its own needle injector which consists of a guide to accurately position the needle, and a plunger for insertion. The injector for Stainless Steel and Gold also contains a magnet for added stimulation. These magnetic injectors may be given to the patient to further stimulate the point containing the ASP needle. Package also contains hypoallergenic adhesive plasters, which can be used over the needle for added protection. Gold and Titanium needles do not contain latex or nickel, making them ideal choices for patients with allergies. ASP needles are available in Stainless Steel, Gold, and Titanium, and in boxes of 80 and 200 needles.

The ASP is the original patented semi-permanent needle and injector that was designed in France in accordance with the work of Dr. Paul Nogier. Setting a high standard for quality and innovation, Sedatalec (the manufacturer) has become world renowned for their products. 

The ASP Needles are easy to use and very efficient. This small, semi-permanent needle is composed of stainless steel needle housed in a plastic injector. This injector allows the practitioner to grasp and easily and precisely implant the needle into the patient's ear. The needle inserted into the external ear in this way avoids any risk of contamination. The needle ensures a permanent action for as long as it remains in place. 

The ASP Titanium is a further development of the ASP Auricular needle line. It is made of titanium and has the same dimensions as the other two ASP needles. Titanium as a metal offers maximum biocompatibility and therefore is hypo-allergenic. Titanium is not magnetisable, and as a result this ASP needle does not include a stimulation magnet. The ASP Titanium will be first choice for treatment of disorders requiring long-term implantation, and is highly recommended for at-risk patients (diabetics, immuno-suppressed patients, etc.) or those with multiple allergies.

Each needle is individually blister packed. 

The ASP ORIGINAL is a sterile technique which inserts a small 2 mm needle into the auricle. It is comprised of a single-needle applicator ensuring ease of insertion combined with excellent precision.

Calibrated pressure generates the impulse necessary for insertion. The shape of the needle ensures it will hold properly without risk of total penetration of the tissue. Once inserted, the needle can be protected with the adhesive plaster provided with the device. The characteristics of the ASP needle provide the auricular point with a prolonged treatment effect.

[Three metals for three applications]

ASP Classic: STAINLESS STEEL needle without NICKEL 

This needle, sterile and disposable, has proved its efficiency over more than 30 years of AURICULARTHERAPY treatments.

ASP Gold: Steel needle with a film of pure GOLD. The ASP Gold is for use with patients who could be allergic.

ASP Titanium: High medical grade of TITANIUM needle. 

The latest ASP has a maximum level of biocompatibility. It is for use with high-risk patients: diabetic, immunodeficient or with multiple allergies.

For auriculotherapy, disposable injector, individual sterile packing, very easy to use, it allows an optimum inserting precision, magnetic end for reactivation.

The ASP Classic has a magnetic needle at the end specially designed to periodically reactivate the effect of the inserted needle. The injector so-equipped can be used on patients in this way.

The needle is left in place for several days and is more effective in the case of: 

Permanent pain, 

Chronic functional disorders, 

addictive disorders (alcohol, tobacco, etc.), 

certain mental disorders.


1) Remove the injector from its packaging 

2) Position the end of the injector at the point to be treated and press down, perpendicularly to the skin's surface. 

3) If necessary, protect the needle with an adhesive plaster. 

4) Once the needle is in place, it can be stimulated by the injector magnet. (for the standard stainless steel type only) 

Place the black plaster opposite the needle head and rotate the injector around itself in both directions. One rotation per second for about 30 seconds.

**** The needle usually falls off after a few days but can be removed with a small clip if need be.