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[Product Description]


  • 【FEATURE】High efficiency electric sprayer perfect for Disinfection agriculture, gardening and planting
  • 【ADVANTAGES】It can finish spraying a bucket of water with 8 minutes, and it is more effective and time-saving than manual sprayer
  • 【EASY TO USE】Easy to operate, turn on the power switch and the handle switch to start the spraying work.The backpack sprayer is with electric water pump powered by maintenance-free lead-acid storage battery for easy use
  • 【MADE】Made of PP material, resistance to fall and aging, durable to use.Ergonomic groove, comfortable to carry.
  • 【BATTERY】The premium electricity charger with automatic of overcharge, short circuit and repairing the over-discharge battery features highly enhance the battery service time

    7L Electric ULV Fogger Intelligent ULV Ultra Low Capacity Sprayer for Indoor-Outdoor

    Double Switch

    Rotate the throttle valve to adjust the size of the mist particles and the spray volume. Rotate the throttle counterclockwise to increase the amount of mist and the size of the mist particles. Turn the throttle clockwise to reduce the amount of mist and the size of the mist particles until the amount of mist is 0 and the size of the mist particles is 0.


    Durable Tube

    Using high-density, corrosion-resistant pp material. Pure texture, non-toxic, common organic solvents such as acids and alkalis have little effect on it, have good dielectric properties and high-frequency insulation and are not affected by humidity.

    Large Wide Mouth

    Equipped w/ a Large Wide Mouth for easy filling & includes a screen filter to keep dirt/debris out of tank. When the lid of the chemical tank is tightly sealed, the amount of mist will become larger, and when the lid of the chemical tank is not completely sealed, the amount of mist will become smaller. In order to achieve high performance, be sure to tighten the lid.

    Safe to Use

    Our Fogger is powered by a 1200W 110VAC electric motor achieving. The extended power cord makes the disinfection range larger and the disinfection more thorough.Always wear hand & eye protection when operating the Electric ULV Fogger.



    Model:Electric ULV Sprayer

    Plug:US Plug/EU Plug/AU Plug/UK Plug(Automatic selection based on region)

    Voltage:110-130V/220-240V(Automatic selection based on region)


    Tank Capacity:7L

    Fog Particles:0-50 microns (adjustable)

    Spray Distance: 20ft~ 25ft

    Power Line Length: 8.2ft

    Max. Spray Rate:400ml/min (adjustable)


    Size 48x22.5x30cm



    • Nu-Foamicide 300048 is registered under EPA #10324-166-40672 and is listed with the EPA to be used against human coronavirus. Additional details can be found on EPA’s site under: List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2
    • Cleaner, Disinfectant, Detergent, Food Contact Sanitizer, Virucide" for Restaurant, Bar and Institutional Kitchen Use
    • 1-Gallon All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate, Made in the USA
    • Add 4-8 oz of solution per 1 gallon of water
    • Industrial Commercial Grade disinfectant used in Restaurants, Bars, Food Service Industries, Daycare Centers, Gyms, Schools and More