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DB FNS Microneedling Pen for comfortable treatment of various areas.



The Microneedling is a gentle anti-aging method that produces very effective results, is pain-free,

and leads to a much fresher and tighter skin.

The application areas of the microneedling are, in addition to the face, the neck, décolleté, hands,

as well as the scalp, in case of hair loss. On the face, the technique is suitable for the following



-Skin rejuvenation in the case of slackened or sun-damaged skin and scars (especially with acne



The treatment stimulates the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin, which are

fundamental to the tension and strength of the connective tissue.

For best results, at least 3 treatments at an interval of approx. 4 weeks are recommended. Afterwards,

annual refreshments should be made to maintain the achieved result.

Characteristics of the DB FNS Microneedling Pen:

-Comfortable to hold in your hand

-High-quality materials

-Quiet and long-lasting motor

-3 speed levels

-Adjustable needle head (0.2 mm - 2.0 mm)

-Attachment with 9 microneedles

-Sterile packaged disposable needle heads for the best-possible hygiene