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EXPRESS HERB EXTRACTOR KS 660, 초고속 진공 저온 농축 추출기


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[Product Descriptions]

  • Model : Vscuum Extractor COSMOS - 660
  • Preparation Condition : No pressure, under 100°C, forced cooling
  • Principle : Traditional circulating no pressurized herb jar.
  • Timer Set : Up to 99:00 hours
  • Feeding : Without pressure
  • Material of Jar : Yellow soil jar and stainless steel
  • Functions : Protection of sudden power down, self-diagnosis for over-heating, automatic cleaning of jar, packaging machine and feeding hose. 

::: Forced Cooling Systems - Re-input the aromatic ingredients of the fragrant materials :::

· Water Cooling System · Air Cooling System · Coolant Cooling System ·

  •  Dimensions: 800×500×800mm
  • Voltage: 220V / 60Hz
  • Power: 3.500W 
  • Capacity: 25,000cc, 50,000cc,80,000cc


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