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[Product Descriptions]

Galaxy Deluxe Adjusting Bench
Quality construction gives you a sturdy adjusting bench at a fraction of the price of comparable tables. Tilting headpiece with 2" high density foam metal paper cutter an armrests. This adjusting bench amkes great addition to any xray room for exams or a back up adjusting bench.

22"W x 72"L x 22"H

Special heights up to 26" available at $40.00 upcharge

  • Maximum tilting position
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Standard padded arm est
  • Metal paper holder and cutter
  • Modern design
  • 2" Hi density foam
  • 23"W x 22"H x 72"L
  • Adjustable height
  • Frame available in Black or Beige Frame

Material Colors Available:
Buff, Teal, Mauve discontinued, Agate Blue, Buckskin, Burgundy, Black, Grey, White, Jade, Navy Blue, Purple, Raspberry Discontinued, Dutch Blue, Haze Grey, Hunter Green, Royal Blue


Note: This item will be drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer. All tables are made to order and will take 3 weeks to arrive.