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Require Acupuncture License Number For Buying Needles And Herbal Products.

[Product Descriptions]

Used for warming points or areas of the body with comfortable indirect moxa heat. The 1" dia (1 hole) is used for single points, the 2" dia (5 hole) is used for larger areas. Features an insulating rubber base. The Ku-Pun with moxa may also be placed over a needle (needle moxa). Use tape to secure Ku-Pun on body. Uses 1" x 0.25" rigid Regular or Smokeless Sook moxa sticks with hollow center. 



Moxibustion (moxa) should only be administered under the direction or supervision of a qualified practitioner. To ensure safety, do not use moxa products that are damaged or cracked. 

Instruct patients to communicate any uncomfortable sensation of heat immediately. Remove moxa immediately if patient indicates that heat sensation becomes uncomfortable. Improper use can result in skin redness or blisters. 

Never leave patients unattended during any moxa use. 

Moxa is contraindicated for use on the face or on other sensitive areas, on infants or young children, or on patients unable to sense heat or pain (e.g. the elderly, or those with nerve damage). 

It is strongly recommended that you use protective barriers with any moxa product that provides them in the box of moxa product. 

Needle Moxa – Protect skin around and under the needle from potential falling ash with the use of a protective barrier such as aluminum foil. 

Moxa Sticks (Rolls) – Remove the ash frequently by gently tapping the side of the stick against an ashtray or other suitable container. 

Stick-on Moxa – Always ignite stick-on moxa first and then apply to patient. If heat becomes uncomfortable, remove or move moxa to another location immediately. It is strongly recommended that you use the included protective barriers when using stick-on moxa. It is strongly recommended that you apply a layer of burn cream to the patient’s skin before applying stick-on moxa.


1구판은 정확한 경혈점에 놓고 구판에 꽂은 구관에 불을 부쳐 사용하는 뜸법이다, 

5구판은 경혈주위에 5개의 구관을 꽂아 사용하며 복부부위나 등쪽에 사용한다,

곡구판은 관절부위나 팔부위에 굽은 쪽에 사용한다,