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Require Acupuncture License Number For Buying Needles And Herbal Products.[Electro Needle - Moxa Device]

 Easy way to use Moxa and Needle at the same time to get maximize treatment. This is a simple yet effective device anyone can use with comfort and ease. None smoke, no isolation space size. Control temperature of Moxa device to keep away from dangerous problem. Average treatment temperature 35 to 47℃ (95 to 116.6℉), and average treatment time 7 to 34 mins. Bio-ceramics penetrate deep into the skin with thermal stimulation to provide optimal moxibustion.

NOTE: Direct moxibustion, indirect moxibustion, and/or warm needle moxibustion should always be administered under the direction or supervision of a qualified practitioner. Do not leave patients unattended during any moxa use. When using needle moxa, a protective shield, (i.e. aluminum foil), must be placed under and around the needle to protect the skin from loose or ash.


[무연 전자 On뜸기]

- 뜸과 침을 동시에 시술함으로써 치료효과의 극대화.

- 간편한 사용법으로 효과적인 시술.

- 연기가 없으므로 배연시설, 격리공간이 필요없음.

- 뜸기의 시술온도 및 시간을 자유롭게 설정할 수 있어 효과적인 시술 및 화상의 위험이 극소화.(시술온도 범위 35~47℃, 시술시간 7~34분)

- 바이오 세라믹을 통한 열 자극으로 피부 깊숙이 침투시켜 최적의 뜸 시술 환경 제공.