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    • J Moxa Cone- Size: LARGE, CONE SHAPE(40 mm Dia.), 50 pcs / Box
    • Diametier:  4.0cm
    •  J Moxa Cone is an excellent moxa product made with pure original moxa fiber decomposed from select mugwart that has been processed for purification and maturation for more than 3 years.
    • Conventional moxa products are molded with water or glue.  J Moxa cone is 100% pure moxa product that is compressed in the molding frame and processed with high temperature using the latest technology.
    • J Moxa Cone can be used with various moxa devices, such as J Moxa Device, Chungshin Moxa Device, Bean Ring, Millenium Turtle Moxa Device, etc.

    진영감 생명쑥봉 50개 入 / 왕쑥봉 왕뜸

    • 진영감 생명쑥봉은 약쑥을 분해하여 정제한 후 3년이상 숙성하여 쑥 고유의 섬유 성분만으로 제조한 우수한 제품입니다.
    • 기존 쑥제품은 수분이나 기타 접착제를 사용하여 성형하였으나 진영감왕쑥봉은 쑥 섬유질 그대로 성형틀에 넣어 압축하여 고열처리로 코팅하는 최신공법으로 제조한 100% 순수한 쑥 제품입니다.
    • 왕뜸기(진영감 쑥뜸기, 충신쑥뜸기, 콩링, 천년거북희상 왕뜸기..... 등등 여러 왕뜸기구에 사용할 수 있는 쑥봉입니다.


    • Direct moxa, indirect moxa, and needle moxa should always be administered and used under the direction or supervision of a qualified practitioner. 
    • Do not leave patient unattended during any moxa use. 
    • Do not use moxa on the face, soft skin, or other sensitive body areas. Do not use moxa on infants or young children. Do not use moxa on patients who are not able to detect the sensations of heat or pain (i.e. elderly, patients with nerve damage, etc). 
    • When using needle moxa, a protective shield, (i.e. aluminum foil), must be placed under and around the needle to protect the skin from loose or falling moxa ash. 
    • When using moxa rolls, the burned ash must be frequently removed by gently tapping the side of the roll against a suitable container. For patient safety, do not use moxa rolls or any moxa product if damaged or cracked. 
    • Always ignite stick-on moxa first and then apply to the point. If heat becomes uncomfortable, remove or move moxa to another location. If used incorrectly, redness or a small heat blister may appear after application.
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