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1. More easy use at home Existed moxibustion treat on the basis of a spot on the body important for acupuncture, but this Moxibustion Super Therapy MS 2000 is based on the sore part. so people without special knowhow use more it easily. 2. No smoke and burning 3. Relief effect By using the constant pressure, moxa and original infrared rays(light energy which is the most relevant to body) permeate directly the affected part. 4. It doesn't take long time to get the best effect about diseases. the existed therapy need longer time to ignite a medical herb into the affected part and feel the feat, but this Moxibustion Super Therapy MS2000 starts to treat from touching. it into the affected part, so it can get the best effect for a short time. 5. It obtains better efficiency by adding the cupping therapy