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[Product Descriptions]

Active compounds: 

  • PPC 
  • L-Carnitine : to burn fat 
  • IGF-1 : increase muscle tone to increase metabolism 
  • Caregen Fat Burning Complex 
  • PPC cream that is great to break down a localized fat.
  • PPC CREAM 1000ML

It is great to break down a localized fat. It has a compound called phosphatidylcholine to dissolve fat. Phosphatidylcoline (PPC) is a naturally occuring enzyme and is the main component of soy lecithin. Lecithin has been medically proven to have the ability to break down fat and reduce cholesterol. PPC has been used for fat removal by physicians for several years now as a non invasive alternative to surgical procedures such as liposuction. 

** If you combine this PPC cream with Lipoderm it would give you even better waist reduction per Lipoderm treatment.


붓고 아픈 PPC 주사를 대체하는 크림 탄생!

간단히 발라만 주어도 살이 빠지는 환상의 지방분해 PPC크림은 콩에서 추출되는 포스타티틸클린이란 자연 지방분해효소가 함유된 제품으로 부작용이 전혀 없고 크림을 바른 그 부위에 랩을 감싸 주시면 더욱 효과가 좋습니다.