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Require Acupuncture License Number For Buying Needles And Herbal Products.

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Dr. Roller Brand 1.0mm needle length for Home Use. FDA approved * Dr. Roller is the real Deal,with metal sides and Pins. * Dr. Roller consists of 192 STERILIZED High strength stainless steel Needles. *After treatment for Wrinkles,Stretch Mark,Acne,Hair Loss, skin is thickened, tightened and elasticity restored, leaving a healthy youthful appearance. *Dr. Roller a non-surgical tool and is safe for normal, sensitive & dark skin. Anti-aging, cellulite and stretch mark removal is now made easy in the privacy of your own home. *Dr. Roller a needling a device called a SKIN ROLLER is a fairly new procedure in cosmetic medicine, for the stimulation of new collagen fibres and other skin cells. In contrast to other techniques such as acids or laser it does not damage or peel the epidermis *Dr. Roller has 192 STERILIZED needles to pin point skin punctures into the dermis of the skin. This damage induces the release of growth factors that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. It is common knowledge that the body reacts to any injury and triggers the wound healing process. This process of remodelling can go on for up to 12 months after each treatment. Dramatic results can be seen within one week. *Remove stretch marks & cellulite any where on the body. Improve blood supply to the area,Removes acne or surgical scars,heavy pitted skin - sun damage -hyper pigmentation - upper lip lines, lines & wrinkles,Improve thinning hair, greying hair and hair loss/alopecia