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 Soothe aching neck muscles with this specially designed pillow. Offered with two different heights for neck, back, and foot stretches, this is the ultimate tool to ease muscle soreness and restore the natural "C" curvature of your neck.

While lying on the wooden pillow, rock gently from side to side in order to increase blood circulation while removing knots.

Sae Arc's demonstrative videos are available on YouTube and are recommended before initial usage.

Dimensions: 11 ” (L) x 5” (W) x 2.5” (H)
100% Handcrafted with Bass Wood.


The device may be placed on any part of the body to massage the pressure points to improve circulation. If encountering extreme discomfort, we suggest moving to another position. Do not prolong one positions too long.


Place the wooden pillow on the floor and rest your neck against the arc of the pillow. You may add a small towel for comfort. Now gently role your neck side-to-side for about 20 times and rest for about 1 minute before repeating. For best results, keep the head from touching the floor. Doing this for 5-20 minutes a day will increase the blood flow to the brain and reduce the tension in the neck muscles.


Place the wooden pillow against your lower back to keep the pressure directly able the the hips to help realign the spine back to its natural curve. Make sure to lay parallel to the floor with your hands on the floor for about 1-2 minutes. This will help relieve any pressure in the vertebral columns and disks. When finished, gently roll your body over to the side.


Place the wooden pillow on your stomach and lie down for intestinal exercise. You can put the wooden pillow on lower, middle, and lower stomach to increase and enhance your immune system and intestinal health. Gently breathe in and out through your nose to increase stimulation and circulation to the intestine areas as you feel comfortable.


Place the wooden pillow on the bottom of the foot to stimulate the various pressure points in your feet. If you have a problem with balancing at first, please use one foot at a time and hold on to a chair or stand next to wall to avoid falling. This exercise release pressure and improve circulation and by stimulating the bottom of the foot, will reduce fatigue and insomnia.