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SEIRIN G-Type Acupuncture Needles

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SKU: SEIR119-G2575
Require Acupuncture License Number For Buying Needles And Herbal Products.

Require acupuncture license number for buying needles.

[Product Description]

The G-Type acupuncture needle provides the high quality you expect from SEIRIN in a longer needle ideal for sports medicine.      The G-Type features the new "SP" tip design for smooth, painless insertion, a longer, comfort grip 2.0 x 25 mm plastic handle that is color-coded for easy gauge identification, and easier-to-open blister packs. 

Best Used For:
*Points that call for deeper insertion
*Sensitive patients who typically cannot tolerate longer/thicker needles
*Plus-size patients
*Everyday athletes with more muscle mass 

Each needle comes individually packaged with its own polypropylene guide tube, which is rounded on the end for patient comfort and is 100% PVC-free. Sold in boxes of 100 sterile, disposable needles. Cases contain 10 boxes(1000 total needles).