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SKU: Seir103-2012

Pin It Fancy


Designed with both the patient and practitioner in mind, the new and advanced Pyonex™ Singles continue SEIRIN's tradition of gentle, painless and stress-free press needles. The patented plastic case and sheath allow the practitioner to insert the needle without touching the needle tip or the surface of the Micropore adhesive tape. This hypoallergenic, latex-free adhesive allows the skin to breathe during treatment. With SEIRIN's consistently smooth insertion, the result is a pleasant and painless experience for your patient.

Pyonex™ Singles are available in five different color-coded lengths:

0.20 mm diameter x 1.2 mm length (Blue)
0.20 mm diameter x 1.5 mm length (Pink)

Now you can customize your treatments with various needle lengths. Pyonex™ Singles also feature injection molding, an advanced manufacturing process which securely attaches the needle to the adhesive tape. Box of 100 needles.
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