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[Product Descriptions]

It is a versatile chair made of high-quality wood and comfortable with a premium cushion. Aerodynamic structure reduces heat loss and strong heat transmission increases the effect of moxibustion therapy. The hole is wide and comfortable and the corners are sturdy with double-stitched processing.

  [The special character of  Sit-On Moxibustion Therapy Wooden Device]

  •  It is comfortable even if you sit for a long time because it has a specially made cushion.
  •  Aerodynamic structure reduces heat loss.
  •  Because it is made of wood, there is no fear of breakage and is durable.
  •  It is made by hand to feel the texture of the wood as it is.
  •  The sewing process of the cushion is elaborated and the outer line is once again put on and it does not easily wear out.
  • The hole of the cushion is wide, and the seating feeling and the transmission of the heat feeling is good.


[Precautions during use]

  •  If it is hot during use, please change your posture.
  •  Use our ceramic moxa device set
  •  Use our special skirts together to reduce heat loss
  •  Please use in a well-ventilated space
  •  Do not use it immediately after meals or during pregnancy.
  •  To prevent fire, discard the ashes into the toilet or water dispenser after   use.
  •  Please keep out of reach of children during use. 
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