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[Product Descriptions]

It is designed much wider than most of our hi-low treatment tables for greater interactive exercises between the patient and practitioner.  The head section adjusts effortlessly with hand lever activated struts and the heavy duty frame is hoist or patient lift accessible.  It has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. The Canyon is a two (2) section table but is also available in one (1) section configuration.



Hand lever activated Struts to assist in the effortless adjustment of the head section;

Dual foot lever retractable heavy-duty hospital grade casters;

Foot operated switch to adjust table height;

Frame designed for patient assist lift accessiblity for ease of patient transfer; and

ADA Compliant (see IRS, Section 44 or tax consultant regarding tax credit allowance).



Foam Memory Face Pad (FMP)
Hydraulic Elevation Pump (HP)
Elevating Bar (EB)
One Section (OS)


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Note: This item will be drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer. All tables are made to order and will take 3 weeks to arrive.