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Type: TDP & Infrared Heat Lamp


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[Product Descriptions]

An infrared lamp is a device intended for medical purposes that emits energy at infrared frequencies (approximately 700 nanometers to 50,000 nanometers) to provide topical heating.

This TDP lamp head is re-attachable. You can buy head separately if you need it.

Features of this TDP Lamp [KS-9800]

  • 0 - 60 Minute timer
  • On/off Switch
  • 1 User’s Guide 
  • 2 Extra fuses included.
  • 23” L x 15”W x 10” H 
  • 25 Lbs
Technical Specification of TDP Lamp [KS-9800]
  • Spectrum Range 2-25 um 
  • Power 110 V, 275 watts 
  • Lifting Scope of Arm > 11” (30 cm) 
  • Elevation Degree > 90 
  • Azimuth Degree 360 
  • Life of Mineral Plate 1000 – 1500 Hours 
  • Shining Distance > 8” (20cm) 
  • Adjustable Height 33” – 66” 
  • Oversized Mineral Plate 6.5” Dia. (Reg. size Plate 5” Dia.)

TDP Heat Lamp Basic Guideline

  •  Please note that the heat lamp will take approximately 10 minutes to warm up. After preheating for 10 minutes, please allow an additional 10 minutes for the temperature to increase.
  •  As a general guideline, the distance between the treatment surface and the heating head should be approximately 8-10 inches. Positioning the heating head closer than 8" to the body is not recommended, as burns or damages to the skin may occur. Actual positioning of the TDP head may be adjusted to reach the desired level of heat.
  •  A minimum of 40 minutes per treatment session on the targeted area is recommended. Please note that the treatment time for a given session may vary depending on the condition being treated.
  • For treatment purposes, the heat lamp only provides enough heat for therapeutic heat treatments. Please do not expect a higher temperature range, as higher temperatures may cause the skin to overheat and burn.
TDP FAR INFRARED THERAPEUTIC [KS-9800] has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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