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Osaki LED Therapy Dome LE

$499.00 $599.00

Require Acupuncture License Number For Buying Needles And Herbal Products.


  • 7 colors of lights (308-780nm Wavelength)
  • Hydrating Mist
  • Auto-color Cycle Modes
  • Rechargeable Long-life Battery
  • Up to 60 min Timer
Osaki LED Therapy dome LE

Osaki LED Therapy Dome LT is an anti-aging and skin care treatment device. It can improve skin texture, reduce acne, fade sunspots, accelerate skin metabolism, promote blood circulation and more. The LED Dome has 7 LED colors providing unique benefits with each wavelength.



The LED Therapy Dome provides solutions to a variety of skin issues. Whether you’re dealing with Sun Spots or Acne, the LED Dome is here to help!

7 skin care modes


The high energy red light is excellent for anti-inflammation, pain easing, accelerated wound healing, increasing cell enzyme activity, improving ion metabolism, reducing muscular tension, and relieving muscle spasms.

Orange LED

Orange light can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, improve thyroid function, increase appetite, cure emaciation and anemia and apply on common heart diseases especially weak heartbeat. Use with blue light when treating chronic heart disease and palpitation.

Yellow LED

Yellow light is used to aid in lightening sun spots, desensitization, inhibit pigmentation, accelerate wound and ulcer recovery. While the yellow light is promoting adrenaline production, it also improves immunity at the same time.

Green LED

The green light has relaxing and calming functions by incorporating analgesia and sedation effects on sensory nerves. It also helps to calm nerves and fall asleep.

Blue LED

Blue light can promote protein and collagen synthesis, this production improves allergies, combats oily & acne skin, activates and tightens skin & stretch marks, relaxes nerves, relieves pain, eliminates tissue hyperemia, and improves the lymphatic system.

Purple LED

Purple light stimulates the body’s secretion systems and smoothes lymph nodes, it functions weaker than the red light but can still repair the skin, ulcers, and even acne over time.

White LED

White light wavelengths can eliminate the pigments in the skin to lighten freckles, sunspots, and aid in brightening & smoothing the skin’s overall complexion.

Wave Lengths

Hydrating Mist

Hydrating Mist

In addition to the LED therapy, this device also comes equipped with a hydrating and rejuvenating mist. Clear your sinuses and naturally moisturize your face with this built-in humidifier.

color cycle modes

Auto-color Cycle Modes

Don’t know where to start? The LED Therapy Dome LE can cycle through multiple modes automatically if you don’t have a specific treatment in mind. Press the "circle" button on the display to start all seven colors mode and receive the benefits of all seven at the same time. Conversely, by pressing two buttons at the same time, the machine will start an alternation mode, changing lights every three seconds.


Rechargeable Long-life Battery

Never be restrained to a wall outlet again, with the LED Therapy Dome! The Dome’s rechargeable battery means that you can use it wherever you’d like, without a long and cumbersome power cord getting in your way!

Display Function

What's Inside